Our mission is to create products that help people live healthier lives.

Making healthy living easy

We believe the best way to attract people to a healthier lifestyle is to develop products that make that lifestyle more enjoyable. On your smartphone, Noom uses cutting-edge technology to accurately monitor your progress and provide expert advice and analysis to keep you on track. By making the experience relevant to who you are, your goals, and your interactions, we provide a personalized plan that makes a balanced, healthy life attainable and fun.

A global community

Everyone on our team is involved in our company’s vision and success. We believe that the many and varied voices that contribute here strengthen us and improve our products. Noom is an international mix of people from around the world. We have proud representatives from Korea, Germany, Ukraine, Iceland, Canada, the United States, and more, and we work from offices in New York, Tokyo and Seoul.

We know that working in a fun, collaborative environment is the difference between a good job and an amazing job.

Job listings

Here are some of the people who make Noom great

  • Product Manager

    I talk with support, user research, coaches, and of course the users to really understand our users’ stories and their pain points. Then, together with the engineers, we come up with product solutions that are both innovative and impactful. I love my job because it's like putting together a puzzle that you have no idea what it will look like until you tie it all together.

    Product Manager


  • Head of User Research

    "My team is in charge of user empathy. I do a lot of talking to actual users through emails, phone interviews and face-to-face interviews -- everyone has a different story but they are all tied together by similar challenges. I take those stories to the product team to figure out how to change our program to make it as useful as possible. When I see the change that a user suggested… well, that's just the best."

    Head of User Research


  • Head of Customer Support

    "I get to support our users in all types of ways, how to use the program, how to use the app and emotional support. If someone is feeling demotivated, I try to solve her problem and make her happy. The best part of my job are my teammates -- they are very special, very emotionally intelligent and very people-centric people who are dedicated to make our users happy."

    Head of Customer Support


  • Head of Coaching Operations

    "I work closely with our coaching team, developing our program, bringing in new coaches, getting them trained, and compiling resources so coaches can do what they do best -- making connections, changing behaviors and discovering the source of each user's motivation. I'm proud of all of our coaches, as they have a passion for health and a desire to help people -- that's what makes them great at what they do."

    Head of Coaching Operations