Success Story: Rodrigo

Clare Lanaux

Rodrigo began struggling with his weight at the beginning of college. He tried several diets and was able to lose weight with many of them.

“My real issue was gaining weight right after stopping the diet plan and beginning to eat normally again. Several times I gained back more kilos than I had lost. It was awful,” says Rodrigo.

Losing weight became harder and harder for him, with the same diets no longer working. This, in turn, affected his willpower. Finally fed up with this pattern of yo-yo dieting, Rodrigo was ready to make a change.

Rodrigo was studying for his master’s degree when one of his classmates suggested Noom to him. She explained that it was easy-to-use, fun, and educational. Rodrigo was immediately convinced and within a month, had begun to lose weight.

His favorite part of Noom was food tracking. He found it to be extremely eye-opening, making his eating habits visible and measureable. “I learned a ton about food and my own bad behaviors,” he says. “For example, I began to identify that oftentimes I wasn’t hungry, I was just bored!” He also began to exercise, working physical activity into his routine three to four times a week.

“Noom made me realize that this is a journey. It’s not only about losing some weight or fitting into the clothes you love. It’s all about being healthy and living life to the fullest!” Rodrigo says that he no longer cares just about losing weight, but finding a sustainable, long-term healthy lifestyle. He now feels more energized, younger, and healthier.

While Rodrigo loves his new lifestyle, there have been some parts that have been difficult. He says that eating out and dealing with people trying to sabotage his diet has been the hardest part. “It’s way easier to cook at home because you have full control over what goes in your food. The first three months were tricky, but … now it’s completely natural and automatic for me.”

Rodrigo believes that it’s life changing to realize that this is about a lifestyle and not just about losing weight. He believes that patience and discipline will always pay off. Rodrigo now serves as a Noom group leader, helping others achieve similar weight loss success. “I’ve shocked so many people because I have changed my body in a very natural way without using any drugs or crazy diets. It’s amazing,” he says. “And I’ve enjoyed every step of the way!”

2 thoughts on “Success Story: Rodrigo”

  1. Vishal Dogra says:

    Noom is a great tool. I have almost lost 10 kgs in 6 months. I am eating normally but careful what I eat, how much and what amounts of calories. Its amazing. I feel confident and smart. Even I have not compromised on my favourite food but eating in moderation. KUDOS Noom!

    1. boubou_algeriano says:

      Form it was like magic, I lost 2 kg in 2 weeks ^_O… I am so happy
      Thank you Noom

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