7 Best Meal Replacement Shakes

by | Jul 16, 2019

Meal replacement shakes are a common approach to weight loss. Due to their popularity, there’s no shortage of products on the market to choose from. You’ve got keto diet-friendly shakes, vegan shakes, gluten free shakes, low-calorie diet shakes, plant-based protein shakes, shakes with added probiotics, superfood shakes and shakes that are high in certain vitamins and minerals… just to name a few!

If you’re looking around for a meal replacement shake that is right for you, then it’s probably nice to have a lot of different options to choose from. On the other hand, while trying to make a decision you might also find yourself wondering… “What actually sets one meal replacement shake apart from the others?” Or perhaps… “What is the absolute best meal replacement shake for me?”  

7 best meal replacement shakes:

1.MRM Veggie Meal Replacement

  • Calories (per serving): 190
  • Protein (per serving): 22g 
  • Fat (per serving): 5g
  • Carbohydrates (per serving): 14g
  • Fiber (per serving): 8g
  • Sugars (per serving): 1g

Why we love it: MRM’s Veggies Meal Replacement is certified vegan, relying on pea protein. It’s allergen-free, and doesn’t contain any artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, or other suspect ingredients.

2.RSP Truefit Grass-fed Protein Shake

  • Calories (per serving): 160
  • Protein (per serving): 25g
  • Fat (per serving): 3g
  • Carbohydrates (per serving): 13g
  • Fiber (per serving): 8g
  • Sugars (per serving): 0g

Why we love it: If you’re looking for a shake that’s high in protein, look no further! RSP’s Truefit protein shake is packed with 25 grams of protein, from whey protein powder sourced from grass-fed cows. A great choice for a post-workout recovery and to help keep you feeling fuller for longer. 

3.Vega One Organic All-In-One Shake

  • Calories (per serving): 150
  • Protein (per serving): 20g
  • Fat (per serving): 5g
  • Carbohydrates (per serving): 10g
  • Fiber (per serving): 4g
  • Sugars (per serving): 1g

Why we love it: If you’re looking for a vegan meal replacement, this one is a great option. Made with all organic ingredients and plant-based proteins, Vega’s All-In-One shake contains at least 50% of the recommended daily intake for 8 different vitamins and minerals. 

4.Garden of Life’ Raw Organic Shake and Meal Replacement

  • Calories (per serving): 120
  • Protein (per serving): 20g
  • Fat (per serving): 2g
  • Carbohydrates (per serving): 8g
  • Fiber (per serving): 7g
  • Sugars (per serving): <1g

Why we love it: Take a look at the ingredient list of Garden of Life’s Raw Organic Meal Replacement, and I’m pretty sure you’ll see right away why we love it! Not only does this healthy meal replacement shake contain all of the calories and protein you need, but it is jam packed with various fibers, probiotics, fruits and vegetables.  

5.Healthy Skoop Plant-Powered Boosted Protein

  • Calories (per serving): 110
  • Protein (per serving): 16g
  • Fat (per serving): 2.5g
  • Carbohydrates (per serving): 7g
  • Fiber (per serving): 2g
  • Sugars (per serving): 4g

Why we love it: Certified organic and allergen-free, Healthy Skoop’s Plant-Powered Boosted Protein shake has a small ingredient list and uses a combination of only stevia and coconut sugar to sweeten the shake. 

6.Lyfe Fuel Essentials Shake

  • Calories (per serving): 100
  • Protein (per serving): 18g
  • Fat (per serving): 1.5g
  • Carbohydrates (per serving): 6g
  • Fiber (per serving): 2g
  • Sugars (per serving): 2g

Why we love it: Lyfe Fuel’s Daily Essentials Shake is a well-rounded option that uses simple whole food ingredients to ensure that even just one serving of this shake each day provides you with all of the antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins and minerals that you need. 

7.Orgain Organic Nutrition Shake

  • Calories (per serving): 250
  • Protein (per serving): 16g
  • Fat (per serving): 7g
  • Carbohydrates (per serving): 32g
  • Fiber (per serving): 2g
  • Sugars (per serving): 12g

Why we love it: This Orgain nutrition shake is made with grass-fed whey protein, requires no blending or preparation, and contains enough calories that it is an appropriate substitution for a full meal. The downside is that it is a good bit higher in sugar than most other shakes, with 12 grams of sugar instead of a more modest single-digit quantity.