Can I Restart My Program From Day 1?

You can easily restart your program from the beginning if you’d like to do so.

Whether you missed a couple days or a couple months, your Goal Specialist will be able to rewind, or fast forward your curriculum and help you get back on track.

Simply reach out to your Goal Specialist via the chat bubble at the top right corner of the app, let them know which week you’d like to rewind to, and they’ll take care of the rest! Once the rewind is completed, you’ll see a task on your menu welcoming you to the week you requested.

Note: For more information on when your subscription will renew or expire, please reference the e-mail that you received upon signing up titled “Your Noom Receipt.” If you signed up via the Noom site, you can also log into our subscription portal with your Noom credentials to see when your subscription will expire.

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